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Dr. Edward Bertram Evans, Sr (May 7, 1894-July 3, 1976) was the first black veterinarian licensed in Texas and became the President of Prairie View A&M College of Texas.

Life and Education

Dr. Edward B Evans

Dr. Edward B. Evans grew up in Kansas City, Missouri -- one block from the Kansas City Veterinary School. At the Kansas City Veterinary School, Bertram became acquainted with Dr. C.V. Lowe, a black veterinarian employed by the USDA as a meat inspector, who encouraged the young Edward to study veterinary medicine.

Dr. Edward B. Evans received his Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine from Iowa State College in 1918.

HBCU Contribution

Dr. Evans accepted a Professor of Veterinary Science position at Prairie View State Normal & Industrial College for a salary of $75 per month. He held numerous positions there. Records show that he was the Director of Athletics, Acting Registrar, Director of the School of Arts & Sciences, State Leader for the Negro Extension Service, and Principal of the College.

Dr. Evans title was officially changed to President on September 1, 1948 even though he assumed the role in September 1, 1947. That same year, the school's name was changed to Prairie View A&M College of Texas.

Evans is also remembered for helping to establish the School of Veterinary Medicine with Dr. Frederick D. Patterson at Tuskegee Institute and served as it's founding dean from 1946-1947.


The E.B. Evans Animal Industries Building was completed on the Prairie View A&M Campus in 1951. Dr. Evans retired as President Emeritus in 1966.

Dr. Evans died on July 3, 1976 at age 82 in Houston, Texas. He is interred at Prairie View Cemetery.